Take Back Date Night

Sitter Request gives parents a private marketplace of on-demand, trusted babysitters who can be scheduled with the touch of a button.

When you need a babysitter, the app will send a Sitter Request to all the sitters in your network, then tell you who's available and who's recommended by your friends.


About Us

By day, we're entrepreneurs, engineers and product developers. By night, occasionally, we want a quiet night out with our spouses.

Full-time, however, we're parents, and finding sitters is difficult, especially on short notice. After talking to other parents at neighborhood gatherings, it was clear that the problem of finding trusted sitters and sharing them efficiently was not ours alone. There had to be a better way.

And thus… Sitter Request was born.

David Dudas, CEO

David Dudas

Founder, CEO/CTO David's LinkedIn
Josh Ettwein, CTO

Josh Ettwein

VP Engineering, Co-Founder josh@sitterrequest.com

Chris Meyer

Creative Genius www.extrachris.com

Ashley Ettwein

Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Guru

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    Nothing at all.

    Sitter Request is entirely free. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to use Sitter Request, and to recommend it to their friends.

  • Q. Do you do background checks on Sitters?

    No, we do not do background checks. Not because we don't think they are important, but simply because the only way that Sitters can be in your network of Sitters is if they are either someone you have personally entered, or a Sitter that one of your Friends has entered. By only allowing one circle deep of Friends, the system is as secure as your Circle of Trust.

  • Q. Do my Sitters need to have the app in order to participate?

    No, and that's the beauty of Sitter Request. Your Sitters need to have a phone/device that can receive text messages and browse the Internet, but that's it.

    For a Sitter to participate and be included in your network of Sitters requires them to make only two clicks. It's that simple.

  • Q. How often can I make Requests, and how many Requests can I make?

    That's actually two questions, but who's counting? :) Seriously, you can send Requests as often as you like, and there is no limit on the number of Requests you can make per month.

    Remember, it's all about Taking Back Date Night.

  • Q. Is there a limit on the number of Sitters a Request can be sent to?

    There is no limit. In fact, the more the merrier! The more Sitters your Request is sent to (defined by your network), the more likely you are to find a Sitter for your Request faster.

  • Q. Is my Children's personal data kept safe?

    Your Children's safety is of the utmost importance, and for this reason, we don't collect anything other than first name and birthdate (to calculate age).

    All we collect from you, as a Parent, is your name and mobile phone number, so your physical address is unknown as well.

  • Q. What happens if I lose my phone?

    After a period of inactivity, we automatically log you out of Sitter Request. You'll be asked to log back in when you re-open the app, for security reasons.

  • Q. Can I block Sitters or remove Sitters from my network?

    We understand that sometimes, you need to remove Sitters from your network for a variety of reasons. Any Sitters that you personally entered, you can delete at any time.

    For Sitters that are in your network as a result of being shared with you by someone else, if you choose not to have that Sitter included in your network, you can block them with the click of a button.

    No one will be notified that you have blocked a given Sitter, so there are no hard feelings among Friends. :)

  • Q. I have a Sitter that I'd really rather not share - is that OK?

    Sitter Request works best when Sitters are shared—but we completely understand wanting to keep a favorite Sitter to yourself.

    You can turn off the "Share With Friends" option for your favorite Sitter(s), though we hope you use it sparingly.

  • Q. Do you have ads in the app?

    Nope. No Ads.

  • Q. How do I cancel my account?

    Say it isn't so! If you want/need to cancel your account for any reason, simply send us an email to accounts@sitterrequest.com and we'll take care of it.


Invite Friends

The more Friends you invite, the larger your network of Sitters. The larger your network of Sitters, the more likely you are to find an available Sitter, especially on short notice.

One-click Requests

Creating a Request is as simple as filling out your Request details and clicking. Your request will be delivered to all of the Sitters in your network.

Safe & Secure

Your children's identities are not collected, stored or revealed in the app, other than first name and age. We don't collect your address or any credit card information, so you can have peace of mind.

Get Responses

All of the Sitters on your Request receive an SMS with a link to a Request page. The Sitter verifies their availability to take this Request, and the system immediately notifies you with in-app notification.

Choose and Book

Once you have at least one Sitter response, you can click "Book", and the chosen Sitter is notified of the booking. Notifications are sent to any other available Sitters, letting them know that the Request has been filled. It's that easy.

Choose your Sharing Settings

In the event that you're feeling stingy about a particular Sitter, you have the option to not share that Sitter with Friends. We don't recommend this, but the option is available to you if you need it.


Browse a few shots of the app in action.


Beta Version 0.94

Released on November 23rd, 2013
  • New Initial release for iOS

Praise for Sitter Request

  • "This is SOOO exciting!! This idea is genius!"

    San Diego, CA
  • "This is a topic of conversation at every happy hour I go to - how to share sitters with my girlfriends. Problem solved."

    San Diego, CA


For those of you who have been invited by a friend to join Sitter Request…

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